IMBA Trail Care Crew and Class

Went to the IMBA class room session at Duke Island Park Bridgewater last Saturday. It was fantastic. Lots of really good info on trail systems, sustainablility, techniques, flow and tech, do's and don'ts, what damages a trail and what makes a trail last. You name it, the Trail Care Crew gave a fine presentation. All that and a FREE LUNCH! Did I say a FREE LUNCH! I would have been way ahead of the curve without the lunch. Forget about it, now I have knowledge and food. It was nice to see a good mix of folks some learning new and some polishing and reinforcing their already deep wells of skill, all expanding their iq's.

I wasn't able to stick for the field work but plan on heading to Ringwood for the outdoor session this Saturday. Yes this weekend the IMBA Trail Care Crew is doing it again at Ringwood!

Ringwood, details:

Great stuff, get there if you can.


JORBA: Ringwood
Cool, Glad it went well. I can't wait to go myself this weekend. .......RVCC is serving a free lunch as well, and I'll save you some :). See you there.

p.s. the field session will be meeting in Lot C at Ringwood State Park after the classroom session at Sterling Forrest.
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