IMAX has "Tour de France"


Fourth Party
Jess we were just talking about you today....where have you been? Hope all is well GOOBLE GOOBLE

Fred, I think it may be goBBle goBBle? And yes, Jess where have you been? And no, I have not seen this movie.

Happy gooble gooble day!!!!

NJ Jess

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I've been working and working and working! I don't know why the companies I work for push 9 to 10 hour days and saturdays too! It's dark when I go to work,...and its dark when I get home. I've had the energy to do only one night ride. This was to be a 4 day weekend,....but they "begged" us to work Friday and saturday. With one day a week off,...I barely get my laundry and food shopping done. Hope to finish this schedule by Christmas. When do you guys night hike 6 mile?
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