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el crapitain

This is quite possibly the worst tv ad I have ever seen.

I would never buy whatever they are selling. Every time it comes on I switch channels as quick as I can.

If the "savings are for real", why is it that my rates went up by $10 as of January 1st? Bastards...

BTW, worst thing I ever seen.
what the F?!?!
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WOW...Considering it cost 7 cents to make that commercial, I want money back on my cable bill. $100 a month is way to much.:getsome:
Its like a train wreck, an Abba song, sticking hot pokers into your ears and being kicked repeatedly in the junk until you pass out, then waking up as you are dragged behind jdog's truck through fields of broken glass, razor wire and other things that hurt....but they play it so many times a day that all of the pain pales in comparison to what you would endure just to forget you ever saw the commercial and had it in your head FOR TWO FREAKING WEEKS.

Pure evil genius.
That cat has considerably larger genitalia than a certain albino sasquatch that rides a SS 29er in allaire on a regular basis. This is reliable information from a certain shop owner in a town that has "junction" in its name.
what the F?!?!

The worst song in any ad...., ever.....,bar none. Between that and the
Eeeeeeviiile ***** with freshly shaved yam-bag, I may not sleep for a freakin' week. Every time that piece of crap commercial comes on my wife runs into the room just to mute it. I heard the whole thing once a couple of days ago and it is stuck in my head, over and over ....brain sludge from hell.
I saw this on TV and could not believe how awful it was- glad to see I'm not the only one. I guess in a strange way it worked though- we're all chatting about it.

This happy horse shit is the reason why we Americans are looked down upon. We have our teachers busting their asses to make a difference and all it takes is a shitty cable commercial to reverse 12 years of schooling. I guess its fair to say that we have to have these promos to appeal to the urban market and for now, thats all I have.
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