I'm officially introducing myself...


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Someone thought it was rude of me to post without first introducing myself.

I'm Ben. I'm a married father of two. I've been riding since the mid '80s. I began MTBing in the earliy '90s. I've raced both road and MTB. I've owned SS and fixed bikes. I often commute to work on a bike.

I grew up in north Jersey but now reside near Mercer County Park. These days I race on the road and also do long touring-type events. Long means hundreds of miles. I rarely MTB these days because I don't have places near me worth riding. Although, I recently cashed in my old racing rig and bought a Haro Mary (SS, fully rigid, mtb). Now, I'm mixing MTB back into my riding again. Variety is great training.

My other bikes are a C'Dale SystemSix and a Surly Xcheck.


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Someone thought it was rude of me to post without first introducing myself.

Yeah that was me. I wasn't being serious but I guess karma got me back today. I get what I deserve.

Welcome and all that. And next time take off your shoes when you come in the house. Thanks.


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No worries. I took none of it seriously.

I've been lurking for a couple of months. Didn't have anything to add until I saw that Mt. Washington thread. Now I've broken the ice and will add my two cents in from time to time.



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Be nice

Be nice to ben.

He might be nice to you one day and wait for you at the top of a long climb.

He waits for me plenty.

Look for the skinny ass dude burping a lot. I guess that just goes along with having 5% body fat. Somthing about your body eating itself..

Welcome fatso


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Jay, you are much to kind.

welcome aboard Ben, I look forward to having you wait for me as well.

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great to hear from you

Thanks for joining up and giving your knowledge of Mt Washington. Hope to ride with you soon.
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