I'm officially introducing myself...


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Someone thought it was rude of me to post without first introducing myself.

I'm Ben. I'm a married father of two. I've been riding since the mid '80s. I began MTBing in the earliy '90s. I've raced both road and MTB. I've owned SS and fixed bikes. I often commute to work on a bike.

I grew up in north Jersey but now reside near Mercer County Park. These days I race on the road and also do long touring-type events. Long means hundreds of miles. I rarely MTB these days because I don't have places near me worth riding. Although, I recently cashed in my old racing rig and bought a Haro Mary (SS, fully rigid, mtb). Now, I'm mixing MTB back into my riding again. Variety is great training.

My other bikes are a C'Dale SystemSix and a Surly Xcheck.
Someone thought it was rude of me to post without first introducing myself.

Yeah that was me. I wasn't being serious but I guess karma got me back today. I get what I deserve.

Welcome and all that. And next time take off your shoes when you come in the house. Thanks.
No worries. I took none of it seriously.

I've been lurking for a couple of months. Didn't have anything to add until I saw that Mt. Washington thread. Now I've broken the ice and will add my two cents in from time to time.

Be nice

Be nice to ben.

He might be nice to you one day and wait for you at the top of a long climb.

He waits for me plenty.

Look for the skinny ass dude burping a lot. I guess that just goes along with having 5% body fat. Somthing about your body eating itself..

Welcome fatso
Jay, you are much to kind.

welcome aboard Ben, I look forward to having you wait for me as well.

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great to hear from you

Thanks for joining up and giving your knowledge of Mt Washington. Hope to ride with you soon.
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