If you think you're in good shape...


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the course is an 8 mile loop??? for 48 hrs??? definately a challenge, but a bit like nascar in the repitition, regardless, i couldnt ride around my block for 48hrs.

The Kalmyk

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48 hours is child's play. It's time to bring back the 6 day races, but on mountain bikes this time around...

That's what my boy Frankie Knuckles was talking about...He didn't know much but he mentioned races in MSG and I was convinced it wasn't true...Thanks for the link...It will be passed on


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I just know how brutal 24 hour solo's are...nevermind 48 hrs solo. I would probably do it as a duo. That would be nuts. There's one way to find out how hard it is... :drooling:
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