If you drive Route 206 South in Hillsborough


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Try to keep your eyes on the road as there is a billboard I never, ever expect to see- promoting Mountain Biking in Chimney Rock!!!


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yes, i saw it. Is on the way to Sourlands...Jeff wanted to take a pic, but i think he left for vacation before he could do it


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The billboard is in Hillsborough just south of where Rt 206 narrows to just 1 lane in each direction. It's right after a big nursery on your left as you are heading south. I was going to take a picture and post it but I'm out of town on vacation and didn't get around to it yet.

And the sign uses CR's formal name: Washington Valley Park.

I'm not sure how I feel about this as a Somerset County taxpayer, but at least it reaffirms the good relationship that the MTB community has with the Somerset County Parks Commission.


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i gotta see this - that's pretty cool.

its not as public as a billboard - but the chimney rock inn restaurant mentions how chimney rock is a mtn biking destination in its write up on the front page of the menu.


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I think its a great thing. However, the day i have to wait in line to get on a trail at Chimney Rock I might change my mind.

With this added exposure, hopefully the trails dont suffer...


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Saw that a few weeks ago too. Never seen such a thing, advertising a free mountain bike spot. Thought it was weird that it wasn't really so close to CR as Sourlands.


Same idea at Bridgewater Commons Mall

I saw the same thing in the mall on the backside of a directory only it was listed as Washington Valley with over 7 miles of trails.

I've gotta believe this place would frustrate a beginner - if that's who these ads are geared for?
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