Iditafat Fat Bike Race 50k/25k/12k 3/7/20


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Winter has been pretty lame in the Mid Atlantic this year for anything snow sports related and especially for fat biking on snow. They've got plenty of the white stuff up at Winona State Forest just north of Syracuse. A good group of dedacated riders machine groom the trails. I'm heading up to support the event and compete (complete) in the 50-60k race. Cranks Around the Campfire will be donating gift certificates for podium finishers. Look for registration for Cranks to go live very soon! Hope to see some NJ/PA Fatties up there!



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Hard to tell if they are going to get hammered when looking at the radar - if the moisture wraps around into the cold air, look out!

Sven Migot

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So I guess they didn't get much snow out of this storm since they're not talking about it.
From I can read from the snow reports the deep stuff was far to the north and very little to the near south.
Anyone have any reliable intel?


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Trails pretty much perfect for the race yesterday! Fun, flowing course. Highly recommend checking this race out next winter!