Ice on Wawayanda 1/20/16


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Have you been out scoping the trails today? I figure we are going to be pretty dependent on the snowmobiles packing down the double track to have any chance at riding?
I got to the park late today 8:30 AM because I knew they would be jammed up with work plowing.
When I got there they were still plowing and I was the ONLY one in the park. I walked for about 90 minutes checking
the trails and double track and no one had been out yet. I'm checking again tomorrow and I'll see if things improve.
I've got a busy day tomorrow so I can't report until later in the day.
My hawk friend hangs out in the same 1 mile area and I see it regularly.
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OK, I checked the trails out this morning at Wawayanda. Lots of rideable trails!
The snowmobiles have been through as well as the X skiers and snowshoers.
The road to the furnace was a little rough and rutted, but up around the lake it was great.
I could see the snowmobiles were on Wingdam, Iron Mt trail, Old Wayway road. Even
William Hoeferlin was packed down by snowshoers. This snow doesn't pack down as well as I'd like,
but there are plenty of trails to test your skills on, ruts and all.

Around the lake



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Thanks. I figured as much. It looks like an overnight freeze, but I can't ride until late morning/early afternoon tomorrow and it will have warmed up again by then. Hmmm, where to, where to?
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