iBert child seat! - SOLD

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This iBert child bike seat more than paid for itself with all the good times I had with my son riding along, so taking money just doesn't feel right. It's free to any MTBNJ parent who wants to have some fun with their toddler! If you don't like the sound of free, I do take charitable donations in the form of any alcoholic beverage (not picky). It mounts to your steerer tube, I had this on an old GT mtb with a 1" steerer and it worked great (see reference photo).

Message me if interested, I'm located in North Newark bordering Bloomfield/Belleville.


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THis is perfect! My boy just started sitting up. I would like this.
Issue is logistics. I commute northeast corridor and generally just in this cnj area... any ideas or meet for ride? Any runner volunteers.
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