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Hi Guys! I just found this still when I went to join JORBA. What a Great site! I think I've read every message since I've been on this computer to 3 hours.

I use the mtbr.com and njmountainbiking@yahoo site a lot. I get a lot of my rides with that forum. I will defintely try to pull them over here. This site is great with the map think too! Do you think you can post directions for them? That has to be one of the biggest topics at mtbr.com.

I'm going to the mtbiker chick clinic this weekend at Vernon, NJ. I will tell everyone there about this site.

So who's going to 24 hours of Allumuchy? I'm on a 4 person co-ed team,..Loco Liizards. Last year I was on a four women team, and the year before that, on a 5 person team. 4 guys and me. We had a Blast!

Did any of you do the Darkhorse 40? Racing in the Hudson 2 Highlands NJ/NY series? I would wager that these would be good "advertisement" opportunities. I will tell the racers about this site. Way cool!

So, can I get a sticker. I actually saw that truck a Allumuchy. Funny, must have been you. Hope to ride with you guys, NJ Jess
Welcome to the site!!! The only sticker I had was custom made and I no longer have the vinyl cutter. It was pretty fancy too with 6 layers of vinyl. I am planning on making some new ones though. What size would you be interested in?

Johnson BIG!

Hi Jason, I would be interested in BIG Perhaps 6 inches by six inches. Think of it as great "easy to read" advertising! Now,...about those jerseys,...... smiles jess
wait do I get this straight? you are a girl???? oh wow, our first girl member. welcome to the site.... and if i misread that sorry. :)
Ah, the first with more to come!

Hey Mike, Yes, I am a woman, but I should be followed by a lot more women. I had an Awesome time at the Mtbchick clinic at Mountain Creek ski in Vernon, NJ. As I said before, I would advertise for more members. Heck, we all love bikes and biking! Therefore, about 15 -20 women from NJ, PA, and NY/CT will be posting for X-C, road, and Downhill. Cool, huh! Smiles NJ Jess
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