I took my daughter to Allaire...


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I recently took my daughter to Allaire for the first time. She's been to Mercer CP and Clayton a number of times. I brought my camera along to record some of the action. I put it online to share with family but figured I'd drop a link here.

While it doesn't contain the usual hucking, stunts, or thrills normally associated with MTB videos, it does display how a dad manages to enjoy riding with a very talkative 7 year old. It may also provide a glimpse of the singletrack to those who have never been to Allaire.



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Awesome man! I like how she dropped you at the 2:38 mark. And nice "ok terrific" comeback to the poop line. Good stuff. Nice to see what my future (hopefully) looks like in [however old your daughter is] years. When you line her up at her first race we'll have to get her a team jersey :)


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Really good stuff, my daughter is going to be 4 in like 2 weeks, cant wait to get her on the trails. Glad you guys had such a good time.


this is officially my new favorite youtube clip. in the beginning their is a moment that your daughter almost hits a tree and responds only with a calm "woa" ..that is priceless. and i also like how she makes the vibration sound as she rides over the rough terrain; something i always feel like doing but am too embarrassed to try. :)


1st thought: This makes me REALLY want to ride allaire! Nice quick-looking trail there...

2nd though: Cute little girl you've got there! Congratulations on having a wonderful daughter! I've always said that I don't want a daughter, but if I can get one that is daring and will bike with me, then maybe we can talk...


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That totally made my day. It was great. We do not have any kids, and I wanted to rent one to take riding. Can you rent? Hmmm.......

She will be kicking our butts soon....


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good stuff. Can't wait to take my daughter on a ride like that. (it'll be a few years, she is only 2)
BUT, you should get some votes for father o' the year. :)


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Ben is super with Emily. He took her to pedro's and the entire weekend was focused on her. Emily had a blast! The girl is also freakin way smart beyond her age. We bonded over the weekend and i think fittingly enough I was given a nickname that might of had poopy in it as well.

Looks like you guys had a blast. I think Emily handles the bike better than me. My first time at Allaire I crashed many times. :(
:) :D :) I hearby second that Father of the Year award, and officially announce the Daughter of the Year award for that awesome little kid. I can't think of a better riding partner to have.

Dad - Make sure you lock a copy of that video in a vault somewhere so that you'll be able to relive that precious day again and again when many moons have passed and your MTBing days are few and far between.

Thanks for sharing!


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Good Stuff Ben!

Nice to see Em out in the woods. Not long til she will be doing some races i bet.

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