I sold a DH bike and bought a gun,,,,,,,,,,


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After a Love affair with a 2005 Norco Shore I let it go to Six Seven. He seems like an enthusiastic rider that will take good care of an unbreakable machine.

So part two: i went to the local dive shop and picked up am entry level sprear gun. This equipement is much like bikes, low end and high end. Unfortunatlly I went low end. $250 dollars got me a two band gun, low end fins and a six lb weight belt. So i am a noob now.

For those who surf, I have to explain that part of my decision was to condition myself for surfing heavy waves. The freediving(No Tank) forces one to really control the panic and patience associated with surfing big waves. Much like a tough climb, the body must be conditioned to withstand the the preasures associated with open water.

As always, I invite my friends fro this site to dive, or paddle, or surf the area that I am fortunate enough to live in. I hope to post a picture of mu first fish that is caputered during one of these trips.


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isn't it a tad bit cold to be swimming now :p ill be scuba certified this spring maybe ill come shoot the fishies with you.


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I see a guy free diving with a spear gun in Deal a bit. He hauls out some pretty good sized fish. What I don't get is how you don't get pulled to your death by a 40lb striper.

When I first started surfing jerry mango told me to see how long I could hold my breath in the tub. Then imagine how many waves would have passed over your head in that time. He said that if you relaxed like you do in the tub you would always be fine.

I am lucky to be in the 90% percentile for lung capacity but even then I sometimes freak out.

Now I just try to chill out, close my eyes tight and relax. Unfortunately this all goes to shit in 38 degree water but in the summer I an usually pretty good.
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