I need some ideas here...



I have the opportunity to buy a swapped 2002 fuel 90 frame with bontrager seatpost for $300 from this woman's tech . I looked the thing over for 1/2 an hour, Here's the skinny:


-Immaculate condition. Owned by a woman who never took it off road and eventually swapped it for a carbon frame that her BF got her.
-Looks practically brand new!
-The thing feels light as hell
-No signs of wear, not even any chain slap marks on the stay. dropouts look brand new.
-Fox float shock
-swingarm assembly bushings are solid


-its a 2002 (will be 3 years old soon)
-No Disc Mount (adapters available)
-Don't know if this is even an issue, but the Possibility of the shock needing to be serviced? seals dry rotting from lack of use?

So what do you guys think? I had a hard time finding stuff on ebay and mtbr.com to compare it to. Good or bad deal for $300?


Well, can you sell your current one for anything to make some money back? Or if you are overly concerned about the cons, could you sell it and make more money?