I,m looking for a job


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I am looking for a partime job with hours after 3pm. I need money and need to work. I have school but after that i have nothing. Anyone have any goos ideas?
I think you have a bunch of options. Just stop in everywhere and ask if they are hiring. Be sure to speak to a manager or someone of authority. Those new shops just opened at the corner of Ringwood Ave and Doty road. Also try the supermarket on Union Ave and the shops and supermarket in Pompton Lakes. Keep it local. Hours will never be convenient don't make it worse by getting a job that requires travel time/expense.

Bonus: find something local and ride a bike to work. Start the good habits while you are young. ;)

My first job was at the Dairy Queen in Haskell. I doubt you were born at that time. :confused:

Look into service industries. Hospitality is great if there are any hotels or conference centers nearby. They're almost always looking for hourly employees with variable hours. Municipalities and counties sometimes have part-time positions available too. Also colleges and universities.
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