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Tommy and I were in Belgium last year over Xmas and New Years. The racing is the best, but the weather is wierd. For one it really never snows there, except in the south sometimes and it doensn't really get cold enough. The sun rises after 8:30am and sets shortly after 4 :hmmm: Gas was like 8 bucks a gallon, yet they drive super fast! :hmmm: Smoking and drinking is allowed everywhere and there didn't seem to be any age limits! :hmmm:
Good things are ... bicycles rule in Belgium, they are everywhere! You should see the train stations, nothing but bikes! Thousands! All Roads have huge paved bike lanes. The best thing was on every street corner there was a bike shop, and not just a small town shop. The shops over there have anything and everything you want, they stock it all. One shop had a huge wall of nothing but Dura Ace stuff :drooling: I was in heaven
It's strange how they deal with all that over head :hmmm:

Your friendly neighborhood Racerchick ... :)
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