I know I asked before..... road bike seat recommendations please


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anyone in the know, who has any recommendations on a good seat for my road bike. possibly something that is somewhat comfortable, yet forgiving for the male anatomy.

also if the seat is good, I would like to put another of the same seat on my MTB as well. I used 2 flite titanium seats back in the day, but I dont know what the better options are these days



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I know people that have tried several saddles before settling on one. I went from a Fizik Arione that came with my Cdale to a Fizik Aliente, now I have a Selle Italia SLR Gel w/ cut-out.


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My Spez Toupe is surprisingly great. They made a Phenom for mtb just like it but I personally would just run the Toupe offroad. Only prob is it's mega$$$$$$$$$


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I like my Serfas Performance Rx. It take a little getting used to and I can't say it is "perfect" for me from a comfort perspective...but it is pretty good. I can say it is super friendly to the male parts...


I picked up a used Selle Italia Trans Am SLR for like $50 on MTBR's classifieds and have been real happy with it. 189g and feels good, though being a lightweight race saddle it's obviously not comfy as my old WTB rocket V. I doubt I would have paid retail for it though; it's tough to justify a $150 saddle to the wife. Check around ebay and MTBR.

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Road seats, and all seats, are very much personal preference son. What one person loves another will despise. Almost every seat now comes with a 30-day comfort guarantee, so start with one, and return it for something else if you hate it. Having said that, I like the Bontrager Race X-Lite MTB seat, I ride it on all 3 of my bikes:D


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Another vote for the Specialized Toupe. Takes some getting used to but comfy on the frank and beans!


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Selle Italia SLR on the road and mtn bike. Nice cutout for pressure relief on the man goods (a big plus on the road) and just enough flex.
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