i did it


entirely thrilled
well, almost. within a couple of weeks i will be riding a nice, light, aluminum gary fisher rig 29er with disc brakes.... swap out the reba for my rigid and i should be riding a bike 7lbs or so lighter than my current karate monkey with beefy wheels.
actually, not at all. the guys at rt 15 have been suggesting it for a while, and i went in today to repack my hubs/order new tubes/brake pads. ended up almost ordering an xt front disk, and looking at the salsa aluminum frame, when the suggestion came up again, and i couldn't say no. realized after on the way home that is the bike brett's riding. but fear not brett, we wont be all matchy-gay riding down the trail together. i plan on switching the fork to rigid, and mines black.
i am surpised...i think by your choice. atleast w/ the disk brakes. I would have thought for sure it would be rim brakes forever w/ you. but atleast your still keeping it real w/ the rigid fork.
the rear might end up being switched to my good ole magura hs33's. front will likely remain disk. one of the main reasons i chose this over other options was the fact that it has rear brake bosses.
A lightweight aluminum rigid hardtale.... sounds nice in concept but I'm eager to hear your impressions after an epic ride.
Your killing me!!

Dave at AO has the Stumpy 29 on the way and will be scrapping his Rig.I probably could've got it to ya for lunch $.I hope you got the full factory ride from Rt 15.ATTENTION EVERYONE! If you are set on a bike PM me before you make the leap......................
should be a nice ride. 29ers are perfect for lanky celtic beasts like you

throwing the reba up for sale?
Congrats on the new bike

I guess the question now is, whats to become of your very large monkey???
after i spank me very large monkey and beat it a bit, it will probably live on as a commuter/training bike. i've only ever had one aluminum trail bike, and it was more of a trail/trials bike, so nothing over ten-fifteen miles. will be interesting to see how much it beats me up. it could end up being my racing steed.
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