I’m out guys. Norm doesn’t like me and I can’t change that.

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I am leaving this site. As much as I enjoy the mtbnj team and forum members one person has had a beef with me sinnce say one. I usually try to help and send people towards the site to promote mtb riding/racing. Did I post about riding i. The rain before I understood trail etiquette? Sure. Did I type some late night drunkin posts? Sure. On the other hand I do not need my balls broken and to be bullied by the fearless keyboard leader.

I am a racer, a bit snarky at times but I am also one who loves people, loves to help and enjoys life. Norm doesn’t agree with my internet skills. That’s fine, he doesn’t have to. He owns the site. TBH I know our personalities clash. That’s why I avoid confrontation with him and basically smile and say high in person. I still love to help people out but there is a difference between breaking balls and a site administrator using their authority to bully me. It’s been a good run. I’ll see you on the trails

I politely asked Norm to delete my account but he responded like this so I am just signing off in hopes that he will delete it on second request.

If anyone wants to ride you can always email me turbo38t@gmail.com or call 973-445-3329.


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Yeah Dave, don’t go. You should not care what people think. You have a place here, even if we have to pick apart your posts and make sense of it. Some people are scholars and some are not, and this should be a place of acceptance- you just need to identify as what norm thinks of you and you’re golden.

Johnny Utah

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DT, I understand your plight but think you should stay for the benefit of others. It is hard to agree with everything the site represents as well as its delivery, but then again we do not live in a perfect world.

Maybe you can start a site that is focused on mountain biking in New Jersey? Either way, I don’t think you need to drink the cool aide to stick around, just avoid the people that are serving it.

I should also add this, when you started on this site I constantly busted your balls and called you out on things I didn’t agree with. You took it like a man and conducted yourself as a way better person than myself. Although we do not see each other often I consider you a friend and a good man. Not to mention the first person I would go to a Pearl Jam concert with....even though you don’t like them.

If you roll out I think it would be yet another huge loss for the site as well as a move towards this diluted cult like safe space this site appears to be heading in. It reminds me of the final days of www.hcor.net which used to be the premier downhill site on the east coast.
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I am frankly unsure what the issue is here. Dave posts whatever he wants. I have never banned him nor have I deleted his posts. Dave has been free to trash everything and anything on a routine basis. This is certainly one definition of what bullying is, sorry to say. I have given Dave free reign, just as I have mostly given everyone on the site free reign. Kevin gets a box now & again but for him or anyone to say that I or anyone have a tight leash is kinda preposterous. I read about 2% of the posts here these days. That's probably a high estimate with the OOS guys going crazy with posts.

My biggest beef with anyone is basically saying "you are an asshole" and if I catch you saying it, well you reap what you sow. How you think that saying people suck is ok, but then being called out for it constitutes bullying is beyond me.

I changed Dave's username. Big whoop. Anyone who has been on this site for more than a week knows this is what happens around here. If you guys think this is bullying than the hypocrisy is impossible to explain. Rick has it right. You shouldn't give a shit what I think. But if you walk into someone's kitchen when they are eating breakfast and piss in their corn flakes, don't act so surprised when someone punches you in the nuts.

On a day when MTBNJ is giving away free women's entries, MTBNJ is obtaining a sponsor for kids to race free, NICA reps are in Newark trying to get a team planted in the inner city, and H2H promoters are meeting to make the series better, Dave is out there yet again pissing in everyone's corn flakes. It rubbed me the wrong way that day, and it will rub me the wrong way the next time I see it. It would be wonderful if the people who bitch & moan constantly actually tried to help and make the scene better. I don't expect everyone to jump up and build a better mousetrap. But hey, maybe do something?

I mean Johnny Utah is a perfect example. In person, hey man, I hate to say this out loud but you are one of the nicest, most gentle guys I have ever met in my life. I would feel safe leaving you with the kids to watch them. But on the Internet, I mean sorry, but you've been kind of a douche lately. But you know, you stepped up and led the BIYF charge so I'm cool with that. I have not once said anything about your posts, which have been aggressive to the point that people have complained to me about them. But again, I know you in real life, and you're doing something, so ok, I let it go. How am I being unfair to you?

Anyway, again, I have not banned Dave nor deleted anything. And I don't delete accounts. I have never done that and I don't plan to start today. If anyone wants to step away from the site that's fine by me. If they want to stay, that's fine too. Best of luck to whichever way you opt to go.


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Dave, don't let others crush your spirit. The people I admire are not the most successful or intelligent but rather those that are accessible. You are one of those people, however when you put yourself out there others will take shots at you, myself included. There are plenty people out there as stupid as you however they stay quit and are afraid to share themselves, hell even really smart people hide who they are for fear of being embarrassed.

What this means is that you need to develop thick skin, which I'm sure you know. Be yourself, you can't change what others think of you. Staying off social media is hiding in a sense, don't hide, there are those who like you for who you are, you big dummy.

There was a time that I thought if I was right I could do what ever the fuck I want, I've come to realize I'm not always right and even if I am I shouldn't do what ever I want.

Finally, I've said this before and I'm going to keep saying it.
Don't take things personally.
Don't assume the worst in others.


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I mean Johnny Utah is a perfect example. In person, hey man, I hate to say this out loud but you are one of the nicest, most gentle guys I have ever met in my life. I would feel safe leaving you with the kids to watch them. But on the Internet, I mean sorry, but you've been kind of a douche lately.
Totally blew @Johnny Utah 's cover! Now everyone knows he's a teddy bear not a grizzly! Had a good run though buddy LOL
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