I’m content but what’s the “next big thing”?


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I wish the bike companies would design a bike that would kinda be a mix between a road bike, and a road bike, but would still be kinda like a road bike that i could ride on all of these new "gravel type" roads that just appeared.
I mean, I would use a cross bike to ride these specifically designed roads, but, its a cross bike and can only be used for cross races.
Actual talk, Cyclocross bikes are absolute garbage for anything outside of Cyclocross. Not marketing hype, that's a fact. Garbage.


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i believe that you will see more capable fatbikes with more modern geometry vs the racey/road bike geo that they have had for so long. The other big advancement that I see coming is an adjustment to people's attitudes towards e-mountain bikes (trail and enduro styles only. no point in an electric XC bike). They are not going away and will only gain in popularity. I believe in 5 -7 years you will see 1 or 2 out of every 10 mountain bikes on the trails will be electric-assist. You will also see the weight and price of e mountain bikes come down.