*hunting 07/08


entirely thrilled
hunting season is upon us soon!

please check the trail talk area for a specific park before riding there. i've posted hunting dates for most of the north jersey section and will cover central and south within the next couple of days. be safe out there.

If you are riding in or near a hunting area, public or private, during hunting season, it is HIGHLY recommended that you wear safety orange and unnatural colors, and AVOID WHITE and similar color(light blue, light grey, light yellow, etc) clothing or accessories at all costs.

Be aware of hunters and the fact that they may be in the woods.

Be respectful, they are woods users just like us and have every right to be there.

Dinging a bell every now and then while riding during hunting season would be a good idea to alert hunters to your pressence.


during hunting season, riding is ONLY permitted on Sundays.


usually, but not always, post very visible notices and close the park during hunting sessions, which are usually very limited.

Attention !!!
Certain Areas Of Allaire State Park Are Open For Deer Hunting
Zone 51
Deer Hunting Dates 2007-2008
Fall Bow
September 8 - October 26
Permit Bow
October 27 - December 24, 26 - 31
Youth Day Bow: September 22
Youth Day Firearm: November 17
Six-day Firearm
December 3 - December 8
Permit Muzzleloader
November 26, 27, 28 - 30
December 3 - 8, 10, 11, 15 - 24, 26 - 31
January 1 - February 9
Permit Shotgun
November 28 - 30
December 3 - 8, 12 - 14
January 5 - February 9
Winter Bow
January 1 - February 16
No Hunting On Sundays Or Christmas
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frank, if you want to go ahead and post this in the allaire trail talk area, i'll elaborate on it when i do the south jersey section.

Emley's Hill Road, Upper Freehold, NJ
(609) 259-5794

Be advised that the Park System is implementing a Deer Management Program in this park. The park will be closed from December 3rd thru December 8th.
Come on, don't worry about it -- real men would ride in the woods with their deer skin jackets on with your white helmets with some branches in the airvents. Early morning or late evening would be the best time for such rides. :eek:
Don't laugh, I rode once during hunting season last year with a gray hooded sweatshirt on with the hood pulled up.

Not the smartest thing...
I was driving back from Orange County yesterday, and some woman had a "dummy" strapped to the roof of her car decked out in blaze orange camo hunting gear. I wish I had my camera, but got a real chuckle out of that.
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