Humble Pie


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Here is a little bridge down by the river that I have always felt real comfortable riding, sunday was no exception:


Until I tried to do a trackstand on it and got squirrily.


In true Allaire fashion there was a whole lot of laughing before any of the a-holes asked if I was ok. Typical.

Endoing into mud in front of your friends, especially one with a camera clicking away, has to be the best form of humble pie. Thx BS for the pictures (not) and the albino wookie for wishing I fell deeper into the river. Remember, I know where you fuggers live. :D


JORBA: Director
Almost forgot this one, little blow out after dropping too soon off of the robot log. Overall a great day in the woods!



JORBA: Director
Brian would have got me in the mud, but I jumped up real quick. He was already hovering over me with the camera, so I wiped mud on him. He mentioned yesterday that his wife almost kicked him out of the house he smelled so bad.

NJ Jess

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Ken, you are my hero. That endo looked beautiful,....beautifully fun, that is. It's the miscalculations that keep us coming back for more! cool blow out shot too!


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That blowout shot looks like one of those tumors you see buble up to the top of the Yahoo Most Emailed lists.

That last series of pics makes me feel violent for some reason. I have the urge to tell some of my coworkers off now.

Hey Ken, how about a pic of your new clothing purchase?!?!
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