huge forest but not in trail list


I noticed for a huge forest in east -central New Jersey -
it is located south to Fort Dix and north to Hammonton-
why there are no trails in that area ? are the roads inside the forest are paved -suitable for road biking ? is it private land ?

Thanks for the help


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i am not familiar with that area, however, it would be helpful if you posted some landmarks, crossroads or a link to a google map so the "locals" have a better idea as to where you are speaking about.


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There are trails in Wharton. It is mostly flat, but the Jersey Action Riders (JAR), a JORBA Chapter, take great pride in what they are creating in Wharton. There are plans underway for a great network of singletrack to add to the current trails.

Check out for more info.

I had a chance to ride the trails from the Batsto Village trailhead a while back, they definately make the best out of a flat, sandy situation. I think we got in somewhere over 20 miles, a majority of it singletrack.


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yeah, why isn't wharton on the list? imba trail care crew has been there what, twice already?


Thanks for the fast answer

I got the point - better to head to the north ...more challenging terrain .


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You also have Lebanon State Forest down there. There is a section called "Mt. Misery" which I believe is/has been some sort of campground for religious retreats. There are miles and miles of dirt roads and hare scramble trails there. Lots of deep sand in the summer, but it can be fun in the winter when everything is frozen.

If you're a real old-timer on the NJ mtb scene, you may remember the mtb races put on there in the early 90's. Some of the trails contain seemingly endless strings of whoops which will take your lower back prisoner.

There is lots of ATV riding in there, as well as the really cool sight of the mushers who use the dirt roads to work out/race their dog teams with wheeled carts in place of sleds.


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can anyone get me GPS coordinates for the parking area(s) for wharton? I will add it to the trail directory.


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can anyone get me GPS coordinates for the parking area(s) for wharton? I will add it to the trail directory.

For that matter, Lebanon as well. I never even noticed they weren't in the TD.
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