Hudson Valley Cyclocrosses!


Hudson Valley Girl
2009 Cyclocross is looking sweet!
Ed Burgess and Tim Schopen have put together 3 cyclocross events. A two day weekend Cyclocross race will be in New Burgh, NY at Downing Park in mid October. Get this ... The third event will be at Tymor Park!!! Holy Sh!t! I can't imagine what Tim has in store for this event! Check out this page: from I can't wait for Cross season!

R to the C ... :p


Endurance Guy: Tolerates most of us.
Ed just sent me the flyer for this yesterday. I'll be up there as long as it doesn't interfere with the NJBA CX Cup. Also, did anyone see the link for SpectaCross? It's gonna be a friggin' hoot. They're having unicycle jousting!! I'm gonna post another thread so this one doesn't go to poop:D

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