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thats alot all to take in. i read that a few times and im like "yep i think i got it". I dont think im going to worry about numbers o so much. My biggest goal is to be able to keep up with the guys i ride with.

I kinda have always based my activity upon how i feel. And if im doing better than my previous attempt.

So I think the RPE is the way to go. Sounds interesting, thanks all for bringing it to my attention. I need to do some more reading to fully understand what it all means. But it all sounds soo good.

Also thinking about what you guys have posted, and doing some more reading i think im gonna pick up a hr monitor and give it a try for a bit. You have made me curious to see what exactly is going on inside. So i hope to find out soon! Ill have to do some shopping.

Many thanks again! :D :D


Shop: Halter's Cycles
Shop Keep

Grab the basic polar and you should be fine.

For me this is fine:

Upper and lower limit alarms.

Max HR


Current HR (duh)

% HR (not really that important since the #'s can tell you this.)

More than this and you will get dizzy.

As you have seen I just use a HR and nothing else on the MTB. I use Cadence and HR on the road. (I had a powertap for a season and based on that I can figure out where I am with Cad. and HR for the most part)..

What a HR does for me is increase my ability to ride at intensity for long periods.

I can go for a really long time if my av HR is in the high 140s for a long ride with breaks.

If i get closer to 160-170 then I usually fall apart after 2 hours.

The best trick is to bring someone slower (maybe shaggz) along so you get lots of rest.

There is more to this but that is my basic guide. I have been using a HR for 10 years+ and I find it valuable. In the end as ChrisG stated you will get to know what your body can and can't do over time.

I personally find that eating can play the biggest role in your success in riding.

My wife is a Nutrition freak-o and she guides me along and out of my bad food habits. She is my real secret weapon.

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The best trick is to bring someone slower (maybe shaggz) along so you get lots of rest. j

I have now realized my purpose. To give you guys breaks. And Holler my name. One day i will not be the slowest! You may even fear my pedaling ability. Ok mayb not LOL

I was gonna ask you about HR monitors yesterday, but you looked busy :D

See you in the AM!
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