HPCX cross...11/11/07...

HPCX was ill sons!! I didn't go to Beacon yesterday, instead I volunteered to do course set-up for my boyz from the Hemes and Rutgers crew...As a side note for those who paid attention during that TM thread counting towards the H2H series...You know what they do if you help out setting up a cross course? You race for FREE!! That seems like a little incentive to get people out there helping...Not penalizing people that don't help, instead REWARD those who do!!

Rant over, back to today...Course was super fun and had a really long uphill section in it just to get the legs burning...Rest of the course was pretty fast with some cool off-camber stuff and a little bit of mud here and there...I felt good today, got a good start even though I started from the last row...Georgia Gould raced in my class, I held her off for the first lap, grabbed her wheel for the second, then I never saw her again, she ended up 10th, so I wasn't that upset with my 28th...Georgia also raced the pro womens race afterwards and lapped her field, which made me feel better about my 28th place also...I was aiming for a better than 50%, I just missed it...I think I was about 3 minutes off first place...Which again I was happy with for a UCI race...Every race is knowledge in the bag son, and being that it's only my first year ever racing, I think I'm fairing ok enough for me:D

There were some MTBNJ peeps there reprezentin' albeit I cannot remember all of their screen names I know Biz, Chuck-e-Chillout, and Army of None were there...Biz got some crazy pictures that I can't wait to get!!

Another side note for people following the Ringwood thread, by the time I rolled back around to the start after my cool-down, maybe 15 minutes, the results were already posted...About the same as last week at Augusta...How come so many other people seem to be able to get that right?

See you guys at Wednesday night practice and in Trenton next week....Top 50% will once again be my goal because it's another UCI race...

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Ya today was a super day. The Rutgers/ Hermes crew put on a stellar event. Jim was dead on describing the course. Except when it came time for him to race the conditions had signifigantly improved. The C's went out while the frost was still thawing which slicked up all the off camber sections. I spilled a bunch of times, but i did it w/ a smile each time.

I cant remember where i placed. My expections were not high considering i have not been on the bike all that much. The plan was to go out and have a good time. Mission accomplished.

It was pretty cool to watch all the big names go at it in the later races. Those guys sure can ride....

Biz got some great shots from the event...Here are a couple...

You got it...The ones of me one of my freinds took...They're also some on the Rutgers site...
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