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First time, long time….just joined forum (and Jorba) over weekend. Been riding off and on for 30 years but mostly back into it since Covid. Had a great time on the Intermediate group ride at Ringwood yesterday during the festival.

I’m local to Verona/Cedar Grove but often out to LewMo (Wednesday’s), Allamuchy/Stephen’s or Allaire on weekends with riding buddies. Good to meet you all. -kb


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You were probably the Kevin on my ride, the 9:15 one. You took the choose-your-own-adventure route after the last climb, heading downhill towards Sterling?



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Yesterday was a great chance to get to meet other mtbers in the state, say hello to long time regulars, be seen, and support Jorba.

The next group ride will be October 22, stay tuned for details.

Cool, Assume details will be in Events?
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