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Just wanted to say hello to all the fellow riders out there in nj. Just found out about this forum through mtbr and was so happy to see a smaller more NJ dedicated site for mtbrs. My names Kenny, and i have been riding bikes since i was 10. I used to ride mainly BMX because that was what was popular at the time. When I got a lil bit older i stepped it up to a mountain bike because i wanted a more comfortable ride and at the time, full suspensions were new. So i went to sports authority and picked up a Mongoose Pro Zero g2. First day on the bike i put around 22 miles on it and had the time of my life. I rode that bike steady for 6 years until finally the headset blew out and ended up bending my entire fork. I knew it was time to step up to a better bike, so i went with a used Specialized FSR Ground Control. Bought it for $300 and added some raceface cranks and stem. Specialized enduro carbon fiber handlebars, and some other lil goodies. All in all great XC bike love it but found myself becomng more interested in the "BMX-like" obstacles that I encountered on the trails. Saw and ad on craigs list for a Kona Stinky, 5 minutes away from my house, for $500. I knew this was a sign, so i used my tax return and went and picked it up. I absolutely love the bike. Its quite heavy and sucks when having to crank up steep inclines, but when going downhill, it eats logs for breakfast and handles like a dream. It also has incredible balance, the 2.5in tires have a lot to do with that though. Anyways I dont want to ramble on anymore, so thats all folks. Hope to see you at events and on the trails. Have a great day!

Kenny :cool:


Love Drunk
Jerk Squad
welcome! what is with all the rider joining from North Brunswick. Six mile is going to start getting crowded....


Welcome to the site Kenny. Lots of good info and rides around here. You're probably not as fast as me but that's OK.
Steve Peat


me and my buddy were at 6mile. on tuesday, and we just got to the opposite entrance(opposite the soccer field one which is 5 mins from my house) and started to head back as soon as that crazy thunderstorm rolled in. We got drenched and covered in mud, but it was quite fun. Made me a little angry becaue all the log balances were slippery. I have to give major props to the builders and care-takers of that trail because its in great shape and a lot of fun. Id also be willing to help out whenever it is needed. I hope to see some of you up there soon, keep me posted on when the next time some of you will be going up there. Peace love and logsticles.
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