How To cut/mount a carbon bar?


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Just got a Salsa Pro Moto Carbon Bar and might need to cut it down....Do I just use a hack saw?...Is there anything i need to watch out for?
Also what is the suggested torque for the bolts when mounting to the stem?


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not yet

I would ride it first at full length and see what happens.

A few years back I would have thought that bar was too wide. Now I run it at full width.

If you do cut it you should use a new hacksaw blade and use some sort of guide to cut it straight.

It also can't hurt to wrap the area you are cutting with some tape 1st. This will keep it from splintering. (This technique is mandatory on Alpha q forks btw.. They splinter like crazy.)


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Will do...Cut after ride if needed...Thanks J....How bout torquing down the bolts when mounting the bar to the stem?....


If you were to cut it, eventhough you didn't, you should you a carbon specific hacksaw blade.


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Cutting Carbon

When cutting any carbon first wrap in one wrap of masking tape. Only use a 32-tooth hacksaw blade with a guide and use very, very little pressure on the saw. Make long strokes with almost no downward pressure on the blade. Remember, a hacksaw only cuts in one direction so the back and forth technique does nothing but mess up your blade and mess up what you are attempting to cut. When you finish the cut, take some very fine (180-220 grit) sandpaper and dress the cut edge thoroughly. I have cut carbon bars/seatposts, etc. several hundred times using this method without fail.
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