How Many Pokemon You get Today Bro


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after 6 minutes


I found an image of the bear they didnt get a picture of


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Now I gotta deal with these knuckleheads at hartshorne too!
Bad enough dealing with stravassholes, tiny dogs off leash, & the earbud warriors that have Taylor Swift cranked to 11!!!

You could always hand them one of the tiny bags of poop that get left trail side and tell'em it's a crapmander. ;)


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And if you just don't have time to play it yourself, you can apparently hire a Pokémon service!

"We want the millions of Pokemon Go players to have the freedom to do what they want without the pressure of walking."

This may be the clearest sign yet that we are an empire in rapid decline. Contracting people to game on one's behalf? Holy Moley.


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I saw this article on Slate this morning. I'm just stunned. I can't believe this is a thing. For "adults" I mean. People must have staggeringly boring lives to make this an attractive option for how to spend their free time. Read a goddamn book. Or go shoot guns. Or develop a meth habit. Or traffic in human limbs. Whatever. Any of those things have got to be more interesting than this, right?

Also, I love how the article mentions that you can buy things to make it easier. That's fantastic. If I were the creators of this thing, I'd make it so you could get a billion points (or whatever the hell you get for doing this stupid shit) if you pay a certain amount, and then I'd keep teasing that amount upward to see just how far these morons will go.


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This is really just a form of geocaching, which this Pokemon Go sounds an awful lot like. In England they used to call it letterboxing:

We used the Geocaching app to make a trip to Baltimore much more enjoyable. You'll find stuff you never knew existed. Same deal with the woods but on a different level.

I immediately made the same connection to geocaching which is a super fun activity.

I like the idea of video games (which lots of ppl will play regardless) to encourage exercise. Let's face it, a lot of current mobile games leverage the hunter/gatherer/hoarder inclination - so why not actually make ppl get off the couch and hunt/gather/hoard for real?


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so i'm not really into video games and card games and all that (stick me in front of a scrabble board tho and i'll fight you to the death) and, honestly, i think it's kind of silly to be walking around on a really nice evening just looking at your phone.

BUT i have heard really nice stories about how the game's brought people together... one story in particular where a guy didn't really talk to his neighbors until he found out they were all doing pokemon so they went out for a walk together for the game and wound up hanging out and getting beers afterwards...

soooo... there's that aspect at least.
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