How many days off the bike before you get ornery?

So in any 7 consecutive days how many different times you go biking?

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I did a lot of biking when I was younger. Going to H.S. College in NYC in the city wasn’t the greatest place for cycling. Yet I had a stint as a bike messenger and would sometimes bike home to Queens. My earliest cycling experiences was a 24 hour event they held in central park (Pepsi might have sponsored I can’t remember). Then at AYH that invented the 5 borough bike tour.

I moved to jersey 10 years ago and my area wasn’t cycling friendly. Occasionally I would go a couple of times in the summer to the county park. About a year and a half ago I got a bike and was out there nearly every day. At the end of last summer I got a mtb as I was looking for something to commute to work or roll around the neighbor hood. Instead of putting on urban tires, inverted knobbies that are narrower, which I had done on my old beater rigid Raleigh glacier, a seasoned mtb guy, said go wider, as most of his buddies have done so, so I put on 2.4” MTB King Conti’s


Since getting the MTB last August, I don’t think I took the road bike out side, now and again I use it on the trainer.

How often do you bicycle before you get ornery? I MTB some times at night, but haven’t MTB on week day mornings yet. I remember I boasted to some one I MTB 4 times in 8 days? That’s not so great as it emcompasses part of 2 weekends.


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This time of year, 3-4 times a week, MTB and trainer when conditions are bad. In season (Feb-Sept) I ride 6 days a week. Mix it up with road and MTB.


It takes me about 3 days off the bike to get hungry to ride. After about 5 days it seems to be all I think about and after about 7-10 day without riding it is fair to say I am getting honory.


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:mad: ORNERY!!!!, who's ornery? :mad: .... thanks for adult beverages and sweethearts! :)

For me, after 2 days off the bike, things start to hurt. Keep riding, and it all feels good.


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Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): or·neri·er; or·neri·est
Etymology: alteration of ordinary
Date: 1816
: having an irritable disposition : cantankerous
— or·neri·ness noun
adult beverages and sweet hearts don't do it for me.

btw: wife's granma just turned 100,
you take the high road and i'll take the low road

--(shes from scotland)​

thank god for waylon jennings songs about downhill mtb ers and 99 year old men


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My schedule has me on the bike 6 days a week, whether it be road, mountain or trainer. The only time I take off is because I get sick or injured, and then I have other things to keep me busy so I don't mind being off the bike so much.



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I just want to say that I will NOT be the one to cure VB's irritable, hornyery issues at 6 Mile.

Now, now Walt I said nothing about 'hornyery issues'...:D;)

6 Mile is cool, but how's Hartshorne or dare I say Sourlands???
For Sunday, solid & snow free??


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Well I'm on a day 5 now and it hasn't been too bad. I have hit the gym for high intensity workouts and I went into the city to do some long over due non-bike activities with the other "normal " gals in town. I guess cardio is the answer for me. . takes the edge off!


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This time of the year I'm lucky if I get out twice a week. I'm more less limited to riding on the weekends with my work schedule. During the summer I get 3 or 4 rides in a week. Of course it's not like I just sit around all week, lets just say that I don't have the luxury of sitting behind a computer at work. If I don't get out at least once a week I start getting pissy.


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Haven't been out in a few weeks. No orn here. When it's right for me I go. Keep it simple. Too cold out. I may go to Rays next weekend. Resort biking.
I don't own a car and don't care much for biking with cars.
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