How Long has eveyone been riding?


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How long has everyone been seriously into riding? For me it is 3 years MTB, 7 year BMX Hiatus, 3 years MTB, so 13 years+.


How long has everyone been seriously into riding? For me it is 3 years MTB, 7 year BMX Hiatus, 3 years MTB, so 13 years+.

about 30 years.. bmx in the 70's & 80's, road and mtb in the early 90's.



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about 6 yrs MTB

before that, BMX as a kid and Road bike as a mean of transportation during my teen yrs, as soon as I started driving I forgot all about bikes until 6 yrs ago.


Transportation as a kid until 17,then 20 years behind the wheel of my toys,and now living for dirt the last 10.:)


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MTB during HS in the early 90's, about an 8 year hiatus and then MTB again starting in 2002, getting progressively more serious as time goes on. Hopefully participating my in first race this fall.


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Not counting any riding I did as a kid, I think 8 years now. Seriously for only about a year now.


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BMX and Road until age 16-17. Took 16 years off and then picked up mtn. biking around 7 years ago, started road again this year. Not sure if I'm serious but I can't stop riding during the "off season" (off from skiing). :)


Got into quad/dirtbike riding at age 4 and of course riding the bicycle at the same time. From then through high school I was pretty dedicated to riding as my first hobby. Looking back, the 'best' I've ever been on a bike was 7th or 8th grade- wasn't afraid to hit any jump! Once the license and career came into play, I took a few years off and forgot about it, but just recently decided to jump back into the scene on a geared bike as opposed to BMX. Loving every minute of it!


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as a kid, i rode ALOT more than the other kids, so i'll count that. at 15 i got somewhat seriously into mtn biking, and rode xc and trials till 98, with bike messengering thrown in. then started riding bmx and mtb till 2001, then bmx and messengering till 2003, then mtb and touring till 2005, and mtb and commuting since. i've pretty much always been into bikes.


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i have been on the bike since i was 3. got my first helmet at 4. lost training wheels at 5 got first bike from shop (dyno nsx) when i was 6. rode that around my house and on rail trails til i was 10 when i bought my first mountain bike after riding allamuchy when i was at the boyscout camp.i bought it wiht money i saved over the summer on september 5, 2001 (giant boulder) what a fun bike that was. i rode it till i boke my derailor spring of 2005. july 3, 2005 i bought a giant iguana with money i saved from cutting grass. that september huricane katrina hit and gas prices sky rocketed. i started riding my parents old 1o speeds around town by myself, first time my parents felt like it was safe enough to ride on my own. that fall i rode my iguana and the 10 speed a few hundred miles. that november i started looking into downhill. parents said i had to learn to ride before i could go to diablo. i raced running of the dogs did 2 laps and said i love biking. did a few h2h races and had fun. that may i took some pictures of the us open at diablo. got more into dh and away from xc. that june 23 i think was my first day riding diablo. i rode my iguana wiht xc parts and a xc helmet till augest when i bought a used ds hardtail frame. i rode that till october. november i took a trip to plattkill and got my sunday world cup. i rode that this season. now im getting back into xc. blah blah blah my life about riding bikes blah blah blah.


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I had a lot of fun riding my bike as a kid. Forgot about all it until a few years ago. Did a few rides here and there but started riding a lot last summer. I fell in love with it and started racing this year. I guess 2 years of really riding :D


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I just got off my training wheels a few weeks ago, with bretts approval.

I tooled around on my bike when i was a kid. All of 6 or 7 years ago. Nothing ever serious. Then i started what i guess you could say serious riding about easter of last year.


I got my first trek mountain bike (with curved forks, rim brakes and no suspension, camelbak, chamois, gloes, specs or anything) when I was about 18. Just for tooling around really. I also discovered weekend-long parties at the same time and didn't really give them up until relatively recently.

Last year I bit the bullet and invested in a pretty high end mountain bike to force a commitment of less all-night parties and more sober weekends. So far it's worked! So I've probably been mroe committed to riding for just over a year...

Got a road bike in April so that I could get some after-work rides in. Cycling's just great innit!


Last year I bit the bullet and invested in a pretty high end mountain bike to force a commitment of less all-night parties and more sober weekends. So far it's worked!

My story to a T! Actually, I have to go to two 9am-3 alcohol awareness classes next saturday and sunday... GRRRRRRRRRRR. Tastes so good going down, but rarely is the outcome of a nice drinking binge quite as rewarding... which brings me back to this reoccuring statement: "Enjoy the ride; it's almost always better than the destination." (though that could just be telling me to have a great time drinking and not worry about the bar fight that's bound to ensue)


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Besides riding as a kid, I got my first road bike at age 14 in '86. When my friends were buying cars...I upgraded my road bike. Started MTBing in '91. I've never taken any considerable time off.


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Some of my earliest memories are of riding my bike up and down my grandparents' driveway. Got my first serious "real" bike in '83 (SE Racing PK Ripper , still own and ride it!! - it's probably older than alot of you reading this - LOL!!) (anyone here of or remember "the crater" in whippany?)and started BMX racing in '84. First mtn bike - Trek 8900(?) in '90 and first road bike - C.dale 2.8 in '92. I've had a few others since then and have been wrenching in a couple of local shops on and off for about 15 years. I started trials riding in '03 and kind of go through phases of being most serious about mountain, road or trials. So its' really been a lifetime thing. I just can't wait to retire from my real job and go back to a shop full time.
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