How I cut my teeth on taking pictures of hot action in the woods. Car Rally pics


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2008 Fall Rally New York
I'm working on a script so I can post this directly in here, but until then just click on my link. Otherwise I have to spend an hour converting it to VB.
There are no ads or anything, its just an easy place for me to post and keep my press pass credentials. :D
Let me know if you see any horrible grammar or spelling mistakes.

I wrote up a story about my weekend and included some highlight images. In total we shot over 1500 pictures worth keeping. I never thought I would get sick of looking at rally cars :)

sneak peak:

Thanks for looking!


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you need to work on getting inside one of the cars so that you can film from the driver's POV. Good photos, though I have to be honest - I hate reading white text on a black background, so I didn't read the entire thing.


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One guy I keep bumping into at the races who actually owns a rally car (RSX) contacted me wanting his pics. I told him he can have them all free of charge if he can take me for a shakedown or something in his rally car. I'll see how that goes.
I'd LOVE to experience what its like to go into a hard turn on gravel roads at like 70mph with your foot to the floor.
I've heard stories of very experienced autocross and road race drivers getting into the passenger seat of a rally car and throwing up on themselves within 2 minutes.


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Good photos, though I have to be honest - I hate reading white text on a black background, so I didn't read the entire thing.

Try highlighting/selecting the words with your mouse. For me using IE, it gives a white background with blue lettering and makes it a bit easier to read.


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I think that silver WRX shot above it rad! Very very nice.

Rally is my favorite motorsport to watch although I would love to do it to. I remember reading there is a school in New England for it and one of these days when the moons align correctly I'll be doing it. For now, I'll just get the Defender off road as much as possible.

Speedvision used to have Rally on monday nights that I'd always tune in for. Now that it's Nascar heavy I hardly watch the channel. I'd loved watching the in board insanity, the pop, pop, pop of the motor compression going into a turn, the gear changes coming out, the jumps, the spectators almost inches away, water crossings. How the hell does NASCAR beat that?!

I have an easy time believing what you say about road and auto x'er throwing up in a rally car. It must be a totally different animal - trees and sliding on loose gravel and dirt. As mountain bikers I think it would be a kick.


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Yeah now I have to download all my Rally shows on torrents. I haven't watched a single one from this year yet. I'm saving them for the really cold weeks this winter so I can watch them while riding my exercise bike.


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At first

"...on taking pictures of hot action in the woods."

I was frightened that you might be talking about the Rutgers Eco Preserve :rofl:

Awesome pics - and a good write up too. Rally racing looks like a blast!


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I grew up on a Dirt road in Cental Maine driving a Subaru. By default I love this sport.
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