How does your trainer workout go?


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With weather the way it's been up north trail riding has been non existent, so I have been jumping on the trainer. My question is how long do you spend on yours and do you do intervals or just spin. I tend to only get 40-50 mins, start with 10mins of warmup then go to higher gear intervals back to spin with roughly 10mins cool down spin. Basically do everything to music two to three songs warmup, high gear push through one song then back to spin on next song and repeat...curious what everyone else is doing...
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also do you stretch before or after or at all?

I've found the trainer to be boring as crackers. Get a training DVD. Once you understand the instructions, mute it, and put on some bonecrushing Metal
Should make for a "better than nothing ride"
The DVD's I've seen run about an hour in length. Each one has a specific training goal. Hill climbs, time trials, etc., etc.

I stretch post ride ONLY. Cold muscles can be injured if stretched prior to proper warm up.


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i got a trainer for christmas and setup my fixed gear on it. I set up my computer and speakers in front of it, so ill watch a dvd for 45 minutes while i spin, usually ill do some sprints for 30 seconds or so within the workout...i should get a cadence meter. I stretch and do a short core workout after that.

its not the best workout...but its better than nothing...and i hate running


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i ride the road as much as possible. so far i've only spent 40 minutes on the trainer.

but, i pretty much do exactly what you do.


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I've found the trainer to be boring as crackers.

I personally don't think crackers are boring at all, and happen to think that they are quite tasty!
Riding the trainer I think is pretty good. Living in central NJ it can be hard at times to get in a good workout. Stopping every mile at traffic lights tends to take the fun out of a ride. Getting a few training DVD's is the way to go. I mounted a bike computer at the rear wheel so I know my speed and distance.

RC ... :p


trainer workout

I've been spending my time "training " in ebay trying to grab some used trainers .
must admit with no success - for my opinion people are willing to pay too much for a trainer based on some fade photos .


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Trainers can be boring, but with some structure you'll learn to enjoy it. If you get some DVD's like Spinervals or CTS or whatever, it gives you a nice specific workout that will give you results pretty quickly. Trainers allow you to concentrate on a very specific training zone for a very specific time without worrying about traffic lights or cars pulling out etc. Try doing a 20 minute threshold block outside, it's not as easy as it seems. And as one of my favorite things to do on a trainer, intervals to failure, you nearly pass out and fall off the bike. If you pushed that hard outside you'd die:D



Take it outside...

Okay, for all of you riding your trainers and 'climbing the walls'... so to speak... take it OUTSIDE for a change of scenery! Coming off of injury a couple summers ago, the only thing I could ride was the trainer until I got my 'bike legs' back... and believe you me... I came up with some creative ways to ride the trainer! I hate to admit it, but I even took it to Clayton and rode it while everyone else rode the trails... but, at least it was outside in the fresh air. So, porch or park... my recommendation for something different is to take it out in the great outdoors!

Happy riding!

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did my first trainer workout using a dvd that it came with...boy did that thing kick my ass!:getsome:

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did my first trainer workout using a dvd that it came with...boy did that thing kick my ass!:getsome:

Yeah those DVD's are over the top some times, but you gotta love 'em!

Actually, my mother hooked up me with VideoCycle DVD for Christmas. Basically, it's a motorcycle driving around the hills of Hawaii, Switzerland, France, etc., but from the POV of your riding the roads! It's not screaming workout guru's or anything like that - just scenery.

Works great with music!!!



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10 minutes warm up
like to do 20 miles while varying the resistance and trying to keep my cadence at 100. no set time, some days are faster than others.
10 minutes cool down.
usually watch whatever is on espn at the time but after a couple miles i seem to just stare down at my bottom bracket.


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I had given thought of hosting a group trainer session at the shop one evening a week. Would anyone want to come??

Ben of course would need to lead it.


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I had given thought of hosting a group trainer session at the shop one evening a week. Would anyone want to come??

Ben of course would need to lead it.

We do one on Tuesday nights, maybe 10-15 people will show up, mostly the road team. It's a whole lot more fun sitting on the trainer with people because all the same smack talk and tomfoolery of riding off-road seems amplified when you're stuck indoors!! I'd probably come down to do it a time or 3.



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we do trainer nights tuesday and thursday at 7. It's definitely way better than doing it alone. Plus you can look around and see who's cheating in the small ring and give them a hard time about it.


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Rockin' the trainer


Yesterday was a day for the trainer and as I shared before I do it to music in a dull dank basement typically uneventful. Not the case with this album my alternating of intensity was out the window, there's just not to many areas in this double album to let up, by the time "fairys wear boots" the veins were popping out of my head! Best trainer ride to date, without a doubt the beat and tempo of this album will pull you up a notch! Up next:




I usually just watch some DVD's. I have a few Spinervals and CTS videos, but I get bored doing them over and over again. This winter, I'm just watching regular DVDs. I'm almost through the second season of Entourage.

Not doing interval training or anything, just steady pedaling at a decent pace (no idea of cadence) for an episode or two.

I'm just trying to get/stay reasonably fit for the winter, no real training plan.


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I guess I am sadly out of shape. Just got a trackstand ultra, and find it much harder than actually riding. After about a half hour and about 6 miles I am dying. I can get out of the trail after 10-15 miles at over 8mph avg. of real and my legs feel fine, but I get off the trainer after 30 minutes & 6 miles at about a steady 10mph & am shot. Is it the fixed resistance on the trainer, or do I just suck?
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