How about a Jorba Window Cling???


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Okay, so I am a total toolbox (not just a tool, but a whole box of them, complete with wheels and locking drawers), but I prefer window clings to stickers.

See, if I wanna wear my opinion on my ride without spoiling the paint - window cling!!! tada! Now every knows that I think

"Jesus using double coupons" or that

"My other car is your mom"

or something witty and original like that.

Anyway, I would really like to get the word out about Jorba (and MTBNJ) and having a cool window cling to stick in the car would be perfect.

As a humble example, I've attached one that I put together for Jorba (I've been super busy at work lately, obviously). I think this would look uber-cool on an opaque white vinyl window cling.


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"Sleeveless Joe"
Good suggestion!

I'm a member and I'd be down for a few; maybe one of those Jungle Habitat (or name your park) trail worker ones too!.


Not-So-Venerable Asshat
Thanks, VB. I'd even be willing to donate some $$ towards the initial printing.

To everyone else:

(1) You know you love JORBA
(2) Window clings are awesome (like bacon)
(3) What "My other car is your mom" gets nothing?!?! C'mon I was so proud of myself when I thought of that one...really cracked myself up:rolleyes:

The Kalmyk

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Great idea Tommy...I can see to it that over 2 million people +/- annually will see it if there is a non car version....They would have to be a certain size though say 6"x4" double sided...That would be real cool if this came to fruition
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