Honda FIT Destruction!


The FIT is dead. :cry:

I made it out alive with some neck pain. The bike is fine as well. The Honda FIT has a ton of airbags - I will be getting another one soon.


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The FIT is dead. :cry:

I made it out alive with some neck pain. The bike is fine as well. The Honda FIT has a ton of airbags - I will be getting another one soon.

Damn! Looks like a good hit. I always wondered how they would handle it. How fast were you and the other guy going? It was head-on right?


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holy crap man!!!!!!!! its great to hear you are ok man!! cars and bikes can be replaced, you cannot! what the hell happened?!?!?


omg! good thing i just bought a fit. glad youre ok!


Saturday afternoon I was coming up Chimney Rock road past the quarry and approaching the first left curve with guard rail. As I came around the apex a pickup was coming the other way in full panic lock and plowed straight into my lane and me head on and pushed me straight back into the guard rail. I was probably going 30 since it was wet, the other guy who knows since he had totally lost it before the corner anyway. The funny thing is that my car was still running and I had to shut it off. If you look at the driver inside door it is torn apart but the button to undo the locks still worked. I had to kick the passenger door open to get out.

By the way, don't rent a cr from "Rent a Wreck" - they really mean it. I went to Enterprise today and got a sweet Kia Rio for the time being. Also, wear you seatbelts, they really do save lives. :D


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honda safety is top notch. me and my girl both drive em. i have an 05 civic si hatchback.



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I just picked up a "new" car last week (06 Camry) and I was thinking how expensive it would be to replace all of the airbags, but I suppose that would be the least of my worries. This makes me glad to have them!

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Good to hear you only got a little banged up, I am still feeling a wreck I had on the day before my 18th B-day ( I'm 42 now). I still don't remember the 3 days around the hit, and I was in a coma for 3+ days.


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Damn! Sorry to hear, but glad you are ok and walked away from that! Get yourself feeling better and you'll be on the bike in no time.


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Every time I pass a car on a flatbed that's smashed up like that I shudder a bit wondering how the people made out. Glad you made it out in one piece.
That's why I drive a big ass truck.:D

Now that we know you're ok, the important question..... Is the bike ok???:eek:


Yep, the bike is OK. Good thing since my insurance said it is not covered.

Good thing I wasn't hit by a monster truck like yours. Grave digger!


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Glad you made it out of that. PM me when you come to Allaire next - I will buy you a beer.



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I went through the pile of little red plastic shrapnel left behind during my road ride yesterday. There are pieces of your car everywhere on that corner!! Heal up so we can murder the trails, son:D



Dam, I was at Allaire today for the first MTB ride tryout. I could of used a beer after - I'm still not 100%. I'll PM you next time.

The trails were slayed - I hooked up with the later half of the ChrisG ride and latched onto the back for some fun for a little while. I was filling out insurance forms today and it asked "What part of the car was damaged?" I filled in "all of it." :D


That road is like something out of the alps... I marvel that there are not more accidents there. Though it's a ball when you have the whole thing to yourself! Glad you walked away unscathed.


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Holy crap man, glad to hear that you aren't seriously injured. This makes me feel a little better seeing as how I have an 07 sport and I commute 110 miles a day to and from work.


The insurance is making out the check today. I have an 09 Fit Sport on hold (tidal water blue) and should be able to pick it up next week hopefully. The new one is even bigger - i felt like I was driving a baby Element.
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