home Sick what to do?



Well its been three days and i am home sick with the flu,:drooling::puke::puke: man it stinks i am wanting to ride my bike and i cant even move my legs to hit the head. Headaches, hard time breathing, caughing up some nice color flem.. "hey i made a rainbow". god i cant wait until this bug is out of my body. So whats a guy to do home sick? well i watched some sweet mountain biking videos online, and the post man dropped off the latest Bike mag, some sweet articles on the 50 best trails to ride, looks like diablo made it and they are promising some new sweet singletrack DH trails. Man i cant wait for opening day, i just picked up some new DH gear and am jonsing to ride. Oh well trying to sweat this bug out to get ready for the trails meeting with mcps and allaire meeting this weekend. :D
so i hope the rest of you dont get this bug that is going around and your getting some decent rides in before the rain/snow hits this friday.

later, peace out Yo!


Brian Snyder

JORBA "Roaming Gnome"
Well,.... since you can't come out to play with us, I guess you will just have to stay home and play with yourself :D. Seriously,.. Mike, feel better, and don't share the wealth.


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Yeah am thinking of the white Industry ENO freewheel..... hummm decsions..decsions...ok i gotta run and brush my tooth :D

The eno is a killer setup. the major flaw is the cost of changing out your cog size.
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