Holy Shit!


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I gotta love the Audi commercial... since I love that car, I was flown to florida to get certified to work on it.

that and the first bud commercial, with the clydesdale training to rocky music

good stuff



That was great! My throat still hurts from screamin and yellin! I like the talking coffee stain commercial!


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I'm not a Giants fan, but here's to you guys...



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since i've ALWAYS loved audi's that commercial made me drool. if i could get the dog and kids in it, i'd consider it.

oh yeah...are you freakin' kidding me?!?! they won? wow.


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what impressed me was how tough he is. i guess it's the nature of the beast, but he was so cool even when the hits were coming, and BAM, down, and then right back up again. i'm happy the giants won, but tip my hat to brady and the Pats.
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