Holy Headwinds Batman!!


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As Dustin and I were driving to Allaire at 8 this morning he says, "there wont be any wind in the woods". So much for that theory, I think the winds were getting stronger as the ride went on.


The winds are far stronger than yesterday. We did about 3 miles on the road to short cut it home and my god it was painful!

You guys should have been with ChrisG, Doug and I on Sat. Was not that bad, If anyone went out on a road bike on Sunday, they need to have there head looked at for loss of brain matter.:)


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See Manny!! Even the girls are hardcore around here!!

in what way??? ;)

Oh, my! In the hardcore cyclist sort of way.

Manny, if you were looking for the other sort of hardcore there was a girl a while back who... well, let's say she was adored by many of the boys around here. People got fighting over her and she fell from grace which left her feeling kind of deflated. Last I heard she was living in Ben's basement. Call and ask for Shaniqua, you just might get lucky.:p


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Call and ask for Shaniqua, you just might get lucky.:p

She was hot and liked being nailed to trees. My kind of girl. :D

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