Hockey anyone?


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I love hockey and was wondering if anyone else liked it. Whats your favorite team? player? Who do you think is going to win the 07-08 stanley cup?

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honkey is still a sport.?.the best was when they went on strike for a year sports center was awsome...but if i did like honkey it would have to be the devils...they are the local team so i guess them...i have a bunch of friends that love it and all i do is bust their balls about it...nascar thats a fun thing to watch and get into i get the same crap about nascar as im giving you about honkey...


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I love playing hockey. In fact had a great skate last night outside although it was a little windy. I'm in a old man's Z league. Not the best group of skater but we have fun. I never watch it on TV or go to many games tho.


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Ranger fan here. Born into it, just as I was with the Giants, and generally causing me similar sorts of pain over the last 30 years, punctuated by occasional fits of ecstasy.

Last several years I haven't been watching much till playoff time.


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Rangers fan. I checked out after 1994 because I figured that was about it. Haven't watched much since. Was a big Leetch fan. Also liked Graves a lot.


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NY Islanders. I know we have no chance of making the playoffs this year, well maybe.
I think it would have to be Dallas or Detroit this year. I hope its Detroit.
Rangers SUCK!!!!


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Devils all the way. The Rangers have a good team but no depth. I give them till the second round of the playoffs there out. The team to watch is Detroit. They have the best chance of winning it.


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Rangers will not make the playoffs. Mark my words. Did anyone know that the Devils have not held sole position of first since 2001. At all. Not once by themselves. And they still won a cup in there. And the Rangers usually have first but end up giving it up to the Devils at some point in the last week of the season. Devils will be in the playoffs but no one can beat the west coast teams. they are stacked out there.

Oh, PS, scott gomer is a fag


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It's the dev's curse to be seeded #1. I think they will actually throw games at the end of the season not to be #1. Then it's go time!


I hate NY, but I totally dig the Rangers. I would be a flat out Devils fan, however, they didn't have a Devils team when I became a Rangers fan, and I'm no shipjumper. I'm one of those rare animals that likes both the Rangers and the Devils and I catch crap for every bit of it. I rarely watch games though, just not enough time in my day to watch sports. Baseball and football both suck, just to throw that out there,,,, stupid Giants, haha. Ok, that's it for me on the sports thread. TJ


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Lets go Penguins! w00t! Been a Penguins fan since I was a kid. Used to like them just since they were penguins and I like the animal and it stuck! Crosby's back and now we got Hossa! WOO! Also a Devils fan since being a Jersey native and all, so yeah, Penguins and Devils!
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