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Gerard and I decided to check this place out today and were completely caught off guard by A. the rain and B. the hills. The hills weren't anything special but there was a lot of gravel spots and loose soil. We ran into two guys who were nice enough to let us tag along. We followed the Cushetunk trail for about 2 miles where I told our two guides to continue on as I waited for Gerard to catch up. We only got another 1/4 mile or so before the rain started. We kept riding even with the rain drops but when the trail opened up and we saw the sky was gray and nasty we decided to turn back and not repeat our drench-fresh from last weekend. As soon as we got out of the park is started to pour so it was a good decision to take off early.

I'm not a fan of the loose surface and gravel all over but the hills are an incredible workout and will have to come back!

Oh the bugs were rather annoying as well!

I added two pictures to the gallery.
yeah it was a very nice looking park but riding was tough since everything was so loose. It was fun to check it out though...

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