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alright, im on a single speed, as most of you already know. today, since i bitched out on racing, i went out for a ride. if you look at a sattelite of google earth, berkshire valley is pretty much the steepest valley in the state(conjecture) on the eastern side. i live at the bottom of that eastern side. i decided to do interval 'attempts' . there are a couple of trails that pretty much go straight up the mountain, and i attempted to ride up one of them repeatedly. never made it all the way. my legs are already sore. will this help or hurt me? does it count as interval training? i'm thinking after a few weeks of doing it over and over one day a week, i should be able to make it up. we'll see though.

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give it a rest. Please make sure you are eating enough of the good stuff and sleeping enough to rebuild. Then you will see and feel improvement.


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Yes they will help. As Jess suggests, you probably want to take it easy for now. All of this stuff needs to be in context. What context is the question. You need to find this out for yourself. But you want to make the most of efforts like these and not just go out and randomly do this or that.


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that kind of workout "shocks your system" and sets new threshholds. they aren't something you want to do very often. workouts like that, for me during my powerlifting days, happened about once every six weeks and were followed by a couple days of just flat out rest. which, if you did it right, you'll need.


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goes from berkshire valley rd up the mtn toward picattiny arsenals fence. away from mahlon. the one i was riding is right under the power lines. the steepest, most impossible one is visible on sattelite a little further down. it's a pse&g 'access' trail. you can see it going straight up and then across the top. that one is pretty loose though, so i don't know how possible it is.
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