Highly Recommend Great Maintenance Book



I picked up a book called "Zin and the art of mountain bike maintenace" this weekend at borders for $25. Its a great book written specifically for mountain bike repairs and maintenance. So far i am quite impressed. I am hoping to start doing all my own repairs and upgrades. I am going to buy a park stand and maybe take a 12 hour class in the off season. I always need to build and work on my own stuff, whether it be cars, computers, bikes, etc. Any thoughts???? Suggestions?
Thant's an awesome book. Mine is like a journal of what I have broken, you can tell by what chapters have grease and dirt in them.
Campmore has a DVD caled Mountainbike fundimentals, or something along that line. The first half is tips on riding, not super helpfull but still interesting. The second half is complete bike maintinance and rebuild with each component having it's own chapter on the disk.
yeah definetly... would be more fun if a bunch of us took it together.
mike240se said:
yeah definetly... would be more fun if a bunch of us took it together.

I am going to call about a group class. How many people would be interested in going?
CD1134 said:
Where is it?

A bunch of shops offer the Park classes. I was looking into Marty's and they have shops in Morristown and Randolph.
I just spoke with Eric at Marty's Reliable Cycle and as can be expected their work load doesn't permit them to run the class durring the riding season. He is willing to work with us and possibly set up a special class if need be. Let's keep talking it over and I'll be calling him in September to work out the specifics. They charged $100 per person last year so my guess is we will be looking at around that much.
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