Highbridge NYC (and Team Bulldog) in Mountain Bike Mag


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April has been a good month for Highbridge in the press. First the 8 page story in Mountain Bike Action, then the nice mention of Highbridge in the story by Rob Rebholz in Mountain Biking, and now a TWELVE PAGE photo story on Highbridge from trailbuilding through the grand opening in the newsstand version of Mountain Bike magazine (the one published by Rodale, with "2008 Buyer's Guide" across the top and the "Ride Urban Singletrack" cover line). I nearly missed this because the photo story doesn't appear in the subscriber copies that you get along with Bicycling magazine, only in the newsstand edition. Twelve pages of photos of Highbridge from trail building through the opening, finishing off with a pic of Brian Lariviere from Team Bulldog cruising during the race. If you were a beginner male racer that day, you may be pictured- there's a two page spread of the beginner men's start!

I don't want to ruin the surprise by posting images of the entire article, but here's the opening spread to pique some interest...



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Great article and photos. I felt like I was there! (unfortunately I had to attend a graduation & missed it) Are there any races coming up?


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Great pic - stylish jump and looks even cooler w/ the chainlink - gives a city feel to it.

I picked up MBA (and I never buy that mag) just for the fact it had the article w/ Lenosky. Good press even with that magazine.

I'll look out for the issue of Mountain Bike as I'd like to read more about this spot. It's on my goal list to get there for '08.
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