Highbridge in Bike Magazine's Best of 2007


NYCMTB: President
From the new issue of Bike Magazine and their "Best of 2007":


Enemy No More

They might be the 3 most important miles of singletrack built in the past decade. The construction of legal trail on Manhattan's north end is a watershed for our sport–not just because it reflects changing attitudes toward fat-tire riders, but because the state of New York was so happy with the project, they footed the bill. Thanks to lobbying from Gotham-based bike clubs NYCMTB and CLIMB, the state granted $100,000 for trails and jumps, hoping it would ameliorate the criminal activity that had long consumed much of the park. While the expert XC loop is only 3 miles long, crime is dropping, and the IMBA-designed trails are quick and gnarly.


More validation for all the hard work we've all put into Highbridge. If you've helped build or maintain the Highbridge trails, please pat yourself on the back!

"They might be the 3 most important miles of singletrack built in the past decade." Wow.


Gay & Stuffy

I was there to see the tranformation and it is definatly worth checking out. NYCMTB deserves alot of credit for that project. It went from absolutly nothing to a great little spot in a very unique area.

I applude all that were involved and recomend everyone to get out there and take a ride. They've got it all covered..........XC, FR, & DJ.

Thanks for promoting our sport!!!



NYCMTB: President
We've still got a ways to go before the park is cleaned up and the negative use decreases to an acceptable level, but decades of neglect aren't reversed in two years. And besides, as with NYC real estate, you buy in the rough neighborhoods that show promise, then watch your investment grow as the neighborhood turns around. If you wait for the neighborhood to improve before buying, you'll get priced out of it. ;)

The best thing is that there's more to come. Our goal is trails in all five boroughs...


Great stuff there....now we need more folks to see things like NYC does and we'll have more trails, more people in biking, and maybe even less negatives....great job to C.L.I.M.B. , NYCMTB, and jbogner.:)
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