High Point Trail Maps


I talked to the Rangers and Trenton... Nobody has a digital copy of High Points map for download. It is in the works, but no time soon!


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I will scan the HP trail map this afternoon and upload it to here.

Btw, signs at HP say no mtb on monument trail? watev


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Found this on DEP website: http://www.state.nj.us/dep/parksandforests/parks/maps/HighPointTrailsFinalDraft_reduced.pdf

Anybody got a good recommendation for a 10-15 mile (2-2.5 hour) route?

I obviously have the map and I have the NYNJ trail conference map. So, if you just say "start here, take this to this to this...", I'll figure it out. Or a Strava link would be fine, too. I've done some Strava-stalking, but I would love to hear someone confirm a known good loop.

Thanks in advance!
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