High Mountain (Wayne)


El Guac-Oh
Does anybody know anything about this place?
My buddy says he has seen cars with bike racks in the parking lot.
I don't know if it is legal or not.

It might be a small place for a weekend ride, but perhaps nice enough for a mid-week quickie.



Spokompton's Finest
I emailed Wayne Township and this was the reply:

Mountain biking is permitted at High Mountain Park.

Wayne Township

Happy Trails!


El Guac-Oh
Very Nice!


I guess I'll try it out and post my review

Thanks a lot!!!!


El Guac-Oh
I hope there's lots of skinnies...:D

Hopefully I can get out next week after work and I will let you know.

Glancing Aft

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I'll probably be chastised by my friends for mentioning anything of this place but yeah, it's great. I ride there usually about once a week since I work about 5 min away. Park in the rec center at Willy P and access the trails from there. It's good for about an hour ride with some great climbs, and some unridable climbs. It will take you a few times to get a good route in so don't be discouraged your first time there. The Willy P cops don't seem to mind night riders which is good too. PM me if you wana know any more.


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Haven't been there in years, but rode there many times in the mid 90's.
Not a bad place especially if it's right around the corner.

Glancing Aft

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No, I never have, the guys I ride with have told me that the trails in that area are mostly underdeveloped and not all that great.

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