My name is Alyssa and I just started mtn biking about a year ago. My boyfriend got me into it. I started racing this year and it's been fun so far. I live in Pa but my boyfriend lives in Jersey so I end up riding there alot. I don't have a favorite place to ride, I like having all the different places to choose from. After riding Jungle Habitat last weekend and seeing 5 bears I prefer places without bears or places that the bears that stay away from the trails! :eek:


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Threat Down !!! (Bears)

Bears North Jersey is full of bears. Waway, JH, High Point, Kittatinny, and even Ringwood. Just put a bell on your bike that way they know a snack is around the corner. <-- JK

Honestly the more noise the better. Black bears (not the club, but the animal) tend to shy away from humans and loud noise. Some bears are pests and a can of spray or air horn is not a bad idea.;)

Peace, Enjoy the woods.:)


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Ug, this site used to be cool. Now I have to watch what I say..... ;) I guess, Welcome :D

and I'm still convinced there are no bears in the Tourne, so you're safe to ride there!

As for my jersey tightness, now I have to claim to be champion of something, or else there isn't much of a point in me being on the team!

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Hi there

And welcome,...finally. Great meeting you at the All Girls Day rides and doing well in the Campmor H2H series as well, I might add. Don't mind the Bears on this site. We you meet them on a ride the all recant what they've said on the boards,...their bark is more funny than anything.
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