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Hi ladies.

So I'm thinking of taking a job in NJ (currently live in Texas). I'm so spoiled by where I live now. There are at least 15 trials within 30 minutes of my apt. and I get to ride dirt everday of the week. The job I'm looking at is in Rahway, NJ. If I were to move where would be nice places to live.........close to several trails. ;)

I have heard that montclair and westfield are pretty nice towns. How about the riding aspect?

I also like to hit the pavement so bonus if these places have bike paths or lots of parks.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Oh I am willing to commute by bike/train from work to home.


Laura T

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Hi Chrysa,

I think your idea of commuting to work via train is an excellent idea.

Start with this map:

Figure out where the job you're thinking of taking is located, then find the closest train station. From there, you can follow the train lines backwards to see what cities and towns are near enough to a train station.

I'm a fanatical mountain biker, and if I could live anywhere in New Jersey, I'd live 5 minutes from the Mt Olive NJ train station, seeing as that is close to the following places to ride:

Allamuchy State Park (north of Route 80) 5 minutes from Mt Olive, NJ
Sussex Branch Rail/ Trail 5 minutes
Deer Park (south of Route 80) 10 minutes away
Kittatiny State Park 15 minutes away
Allamuchy West Entrance 15 minutes

There are plenty of places to ride in New Jersey!

Plus, there are mtn bike races nearly every weekend, if you're into that!

via Hope, NJ


Thanks for the info. I decided not to take the job. But I will be out to NJ when I visit my family.

NJ Jess

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look us up

Hey Sparky, when you visit NJ, post your ride thoughts. Lots of us love to show visitors that NJ is a Great place to ride. Heck, we might even show you some of the "secret" trails we don't talk about. Enjoy the southwest, I miss San Antonio. OPSchobel and 700 hundred acres where the best. Hope to ride the "new gov lands" in the future. See you there! NJ Jess
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