Hey, where did everyone go????


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Trust me we are all still lurking about pissed about the time change...


501 TJ checkin in......

Yeah, 501 rides seem to be slackin off a bit as of late, but I figured weather has played a big part in that.
Me, personally, we're in middle of a big "tod do" at work that has us averaging about sixty hours/ week. That's been cutting back on riding time pretty hardcore. Also, nursing some issue with my back/ shoulder which I don't think I've heard the last of yet. I'm about ready to start logging some trail time in, so folks will definately be seeing me start posting up for a ride again soon. Lates, 501 REPRESENT!!!


We should plan a weekend day and time and get a group ride at Allaire, am game.

Mike F.

Brian Snyder

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I am up for a ride after I wake up and eat something, ( late night = ride later in the day). Tony and T.F.Brown started their ride this morning @ 6:30. It is still dark at 6:30. Crap, that is too early for me.

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Hey everyone!

Well, not much too say. just figured it was a good place to say hi! I am working this weekend but next weekend I am off! Maybe I will repost next week adn try to get a ride going then.... Anyone interested in a ride this friday evening?(ride until dark?)

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