hey jake!


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Thats a Suzuki Samurai and if it wasnt for an experience like that for me in the Raritan Bay, I would probably still be driving it. Loved that damn thing. RIP.:(


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In both vids i was waiting for something disastrous to happen. No such luck. However the second vid is freakin great. I love when they slow it down...yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!

And just to qualify what type of people we are talking about here; he couldnt spell video :rolleyes:


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That i did know. What i dont know is why the hell are these people standing right in front of the damn jeep!!?!?!


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That samuri jump had hospital written all over it.I saw the tree on the drivers' side and thought this is gonna be bad.I can't believe it went so smooth.Is the gene pool stronger or weaker with that guy running around:hmmm:


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wow, that jump was just insane. it's simply amazing what a little brew, too much time and some redneck ingenuity will come up with. and, it's site appropriate since i'm pretty sure that sammy has jersey plates on it. WTF?!
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